Professional Development

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Workshops for teachers

Dream On offers workshops for teachers to help them use storytelling effectively in their classrooms. We provide innovative ideas and useful tools to make teaching fun, engaging and inspiring.

The academic staff of Dream On Productions is comprised of permanent and visiting workshop leaders.

Meet our resident workshop leader: Alejandra Alliende.

photo Alejandra

"The first time I experienced storytelling as an audience I said to myself: "THIS is what I want to do for a living". I had been teaching English for years, I had been stage acting for years... and I found storytelling was meant to be my field. I love teaching, and helping teachers find their voice as storytellers is something very enriching.
Telling stories to "children" of all ages, making them see the invisible is what motivates me and what makes me love what I do.
Being part of Dream On is also part of a dream that came true."