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Dream On Productions Presents Tony Wilson

MEXICO Tour: Oct 14 - Nov 8, 2013


Tony Wilson tells a wide range of traditional and self-penned stories which he links with drama, music and song. He also plays guitar and tenor banjo. As a former teacher himself, he has acquired insight and knowledge with children of all ages, so he is able to tailor his  performances to the children's needs, abilities and understanding.




Tony says "When I was a teacher in 1992 I 'inherited' a classroom that had a stack of old books that were due to be thrown away. One of them was a modest volume in a battered, green cardboard cover called "Celtic Fairytales" by Joseph Jacobs. It was a turning point in my development as a storyteller. I had never encountered such stories that reflected the whole of the human condition and it is and will always be a true friend."





"Tony fue todo un éxito ... realmente fantástico ... mira que costó que los niños entendieran que las sesiones terminaban." Laura Schiaffino - San Gabriel, Santiago, Chile

"It was genuinely entertaining and, quite frankly, several teachers mentioned to me that you were the most successful storyteller that has come through Nido in the last four years." Matthew C. Beata - Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile

"Lots of parents came to say thanks, because their children had really enjoyed the experience." - Kate Day, Fleming College, Trujillo, Peru.

"Our teacher who attended the workshop found it very useful ... She has learnt how to make the students become part of the story thus engaging them more. She also found the word games that Tony showed them in the workshop to be very useful in the classroom." - Janet Lewis, Hiram Bingham, Lima, Peru.

  Tony's History
A lifelong love of English, Stories, Literature and Language.
1977 Qualified as an Agricultural Zoologist Leeds University.
1977-1989 Professional Musician
1989-1996 Qualified as a teacher.
1996-1999 Lecturer in Early years' Social and Emotional Development, Communications, Curriculum and Classroom Practice.
1999- PRESENT DAY Storyteller, Writer and Workshop Leader delivering to 1,600 schools in Great Britain and 5 tours of South America since 2010. Working with all ages from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Adult.


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Mexico Tour Coordinator: Marcela Bedoya
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