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It was a perfect example of how to deliver a message in front of an audience... (+/-)

Jamie Oliviero 21/11/2011 Gina Virviescas Gimnasio Iragua - Bogotá

"They actually enjoyed the experience and they benefited from it because it was a perfect example of how to deliver a message in front of an audience, and how to create interest and improvise since they are training to obtain the IB Diploma and these aspects are part of the criteria for the oral component."

Katrice Horsley - UK 13/06/2011 Claudia Martín Arco Iris School – Buenos Aires

“Her performance was superb: vivid, engaging, fascinating in every sense. The children were not even aware she was speaking a different language and looked transported to the place and situation she proposed. Her resources were as varied and effective. All in all it was a very gratifying experience and made a real success of something as simple and difficult as telling stories. Positive and enthusiastic comments went beyond the classroom to the different families. We feel more than satisfied... thankful!”

Thought it was excellent that she actually taught them to be aware of techniques... (+/-)

Priscilla Howe - USA 17/06/2011 Maria Petrozzi Newton School - Lima

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed Priscilla's stories. I personally thought it was excellent that she actually taught them to be aware of techniques. Below are some of the comments students gave use but they do not express the enthusiasm they felt. Some have also been on youtube and on Priscilla's website. Thank you very much and hope to see you again next year:

- learned how to make it interesting and funny when telling a story

- liked the jump story

- her stories were better than our anecdotes - they were all funny, exciting and interesting

- if you don't love the story you're reading the audience won't love it either

- it's important to read (in general and so you can tell a better story)

- even though puppets are for little kids, using them made the stories better and were great

- overall, fun and enjoyable stories”

Better than we expected because the students got involved very enthusiastically... (+/-)

Kevin McMullin - USA 19/05/11 Valentina Donoso Colegio Alemán - Santiago de Chile

“His narration style was lively and easy to understand, since he used not only his voice but also his body, face and music to convey the messages. It was better than we expected because the students got involved very enthusiastically, as they were understanding what they were hearing.

He was also flexible to adapt to different ages and levels. Fortunately, there's nothing to complain about, nor suggestion to improve the show.”

Student's Response:
“The students have given very positive feedback after the show; firstly because they enjoyed it, which is profitable for the English subject; and secondly, because they could feel confident about their English level, since they could easily get involved in all the stories and songs. All in all, it was a success.”

Dream On:
“Yes, communication with Dream On was fluent.
They arrived at the agreed time. Carol helped in every sense to make the event successful.”

You can download an audio feedback here

Even those with lower English level, could understand everything... (+/-)

Jamie Oliviero - Canada 10/11/2010 Vivian Kahn Colegio Bilbao - DF

“Excellent narration style. All the pupils, even those with lower English level, could understand everything. I was surprised with the amount of stories he knows and how he can adapt to the different group levels. In the 5 sessions that he gave, he didn´t repeat a single story. Jamie should keep on with his fantastic job, which not only motivates students to read and tell stories, but also teaches pupils about the different emotions and values they should have. Great job!”

High school students went out of the theater commenting... (+/-)

Baba The Storyteller - USA 09/11/2010 Claudia Jiménez Jefferson School - Cali

“We had three days of fantastic storytelling and music. Three days to travel and dream of other places and times. Three days of watching a wizard act on people's behaviours and emotions. High school students went out of the theater commenting "he was the best storyteller they have ever seen and heard". Little ones didn't want to go back to their classrooms, they wanted BABA to continue forever. Teachers also enjoyed him and learnt lots of things just observing the way he managed audiences. And the stories were so enchanting yet formative. His presence on stage is one of spiritual power. His dress, the "cora" and the use of another language added something particular to his performance. Even though the activity was an activity aimed to take the English out of the classroom, it was a "life" experience for all of us. It really moved us!

Pablo was also great and a very special person to accompany BABA. He was aware of anything needed. I hope to be able to have BABA and Pablo back again at Jefferson.”

They all commented on her lovely accent and body language... (+/-)

Marion Oughton - UK 08/11/2010 Sandra Stephens Colegio Suizo - Cuernavaca

“Marion not only captivated the audience from the get go, she also made them active participants at all times. Her word use was appropriate for all the age ranges of our students and they had no problem understanding any part of it. They all commented on her lovely accent and body language which got them even more wrapped up in the story.

The use of her whistle (flute to us) at the beginning and at the end helped sooth the atmosphere both before the storytelling and at the end. It was great.

We have had many storytellers before and they make use of props, music or create a technical ambiance which help the students to maintain their attention for the duration of the story. Although Marion did not make use of any of that which we are accustomed to, it was nice to see that all you need is one person to make all the characters come to life without any external help of props.”

All the presentations were a great surprise since we didn't really know what to expect... (+/-)

Max Tell - Canada 22/10/2010 Diana Zea Gimnasio Los Andes - Bogota

Max Tell
“I think Max really got to capture the kid's attention, no matter what age group he was with. All the presentations were a great surprise since we didn't really know what to expect. It would have been great if the kids had had the time for asking Max some questions, but the time in between sessions was probably a bit tight. It would be a great idea, specially for the little ones, to send a list of the nursery rhymes because sometimes the books the teachers work with, do not include the classical songs, and it's always great to have the kids sing along. Other than that the experience was amazing, and the kids really enjoyed Max's company.”

Did your students benefit from the storytelling experience? If so, how?
“Any chance they get to be in a real English usage experience is a huge benefit for the students. Aside from that, they got to practice their listening comprehension skills, they got to be around a native speaker, they understood the attendance to the performances as a prize for their effort in English classes, and they assumed it as so.”

Dream On Productions
“The promoter communicated clearly, easily and replied promptly to all inquiries. She was a wonderful guide through the whole process, and patient enough to give as many explanations and guidance as needed. Also the fact of not having to deal personally with the payment issues, but having her in direct contact with the corresponding person was a relief. Sol was a sunshine. Jana arrived an hour early to make sure everything on stage was what Max needed, and assisted when necessary and more. It was also great to have her.”

Definitely! He even taught the girls geography... (+/-)

Tony Wilson - UK 31/05/10 Maria Ignacia Valdés Villa Maria Academy - Santiago de Chile

What did you think of Tony's narration style?
“It was excellent, it kept you interested. Also, the way he made the students repeat what he was narrating, as a teacher I felt sure that the girls understood what the story was about. He was so articulate, and since he had movements or gestures for different words the girls were even more attentive so as not to make a mistake with the movements.”

Was there anything in particular that surprised you/ that you weren't expecting?
“Definitely! He even taught the girls geography! He showed them a map of England and told them about different places. Later, after his story he even did a little grammar lesson! Telling them about "Wh-questions" , and then they were able to ask him questions, and the students just loved that too.”

Anything you were expecting that didn't happen?
“I thought that maybe the 5th graders would not fully understand Tony, that they may get lost, but that didn't happen at all!!!! They followed him completely, even the jokes!”

Suggestions for Tony:
“Please do try to come again, it was an incredible experience, and there could even be workshops for us teachers on how to become better storytellers.”

Did your students benefit from the experience? How?
“They most definitely did! They had a great time, but they were not only having fun they were also learning English language, about England, and even some grammar! It was a wonderful experience.”

Dream On
“I have nothing but praise! Everything you did was excellent, the coordination, the PATIENCE!, the explanations, absolutely everything was perfect. Not only clear, but also kind.”

Las narraciones de Inno fueron un gran éxito... (+/-)

Inno Sorsy - Ghana & UK 28/10/2009 Erik Köntges Alemán de Guadalajara

"Hola Alberto,
Gracias otra vez. Las narraciones de Inno fueron un gran éxito. Les gusto mucho a los alumnos y les sirvió mucho para el inglés. Muchas saludos a Inno y GRACIAS.”

The kids LOVED it. From Primary up to the end of Secondary... (+/-)

Donna Washington - USA 28/10/2009 Mrs. Kate Day - English Teacher Fleming College - Lima

“Hi Donna and Alberto
Thanks so much for coming all the way up to Trujillo and despite getting ill, still telling your stories. The kids LOVED it. From Primary up to the end of Secondary, I have heard nothing, but good comments. Some teachers have even said, so when can we go and see her!

It was a pleasure to listen to you and anything that makes the kids happy makes me happy too. Thanks for all your organisation Alberto. I hope you managed to change the small change into something less heavy!

Have a safe trip and once again, thank you very much!”

Students enjoyed most the real stories. The story of his brother and the one of his daughter... (+/-)

Michael D. McCarty - USA 05/06/2009 Maria José Mieres Lycée Français - Montevideo

“It was great for us to have Michael and Nick in our school! As I told you before the students have few chances of being with native American speakers here in the school. And in primary elementary school, the students are exposed to American English. As Michael and Nick were really nice and friendly, the students got a great impression.

In relation to the narration style, it was really effective. The students have been studying English for about a year so their level of English is pretty basic. But Michael is a professional storyteller, he made lots of gestures , sounds and tried to use different synonyms in order to be understood. So the students got very motivated to see that they could at least understand the main ideas and some details. Besides the way he told the stories he made them vivid. It seemed that you were there. At first they were a little nervous and anxious but after some seconds the students got hooked to Michael's stories because of the way he tells the stories. It was surprising to us the use of musical instruments. That helped a lot to create the atmosphere. His stories were suitable for the students' age, I don't think that any of the stories were childish. Nobody made a negative comment. If that fact had happened, immediately, the students would have told me.

The students enjoyed most the real stories. The story of his brother and the one of his daughter. I think it was because it was a way to show that an author is a human being who has his own life. And the one that they had to make some actions since they were part of the story.

The majority understood the main idea. Ten or fifteen percent understood the details since the were exposed to English before. Only two out of seventy five got some fragments. Anyway all of them enjoyed the experience since they are still making comments about Michael. Some students say "Michael was really cool". The students benefited from the experience because it was a way to evaluate their knowledge of English. They could have fun with Michael's stories. He established a great rapport with the students. So Michael is still in their minds as a very funny and friendly man. He's a great ambassador of the American culture.

Thanks a lot”

Diane´s narration style is spectacular... (+/-)

Diane Ferlatte - USA 26/11/2008 Liliana Kuzmanovic Colegio Bennett - Cali

“Diane´s narration style is spectacular; she captures her audience´s attention with ease and determination, humor and solemnity. She has a wide range of stories, and she decides to tell them depending on the audience, which makes her a great observer of the children´s and teenagers´ reactions. Besides, Diane told stories which were appropriate for each age group and English level, causing students´ high level of comprehension.

This is one of Colegio Bennett middle school students´ comments: Diane Ferlatte told us two stories. One was a personal story about her childhood that talked about her family, a trip from California to Louisiana, and discrimination for the color of the skin. The second one was a story of two best friends. This was my favorite story because I learned that when I argue with someone, I have to try to understand that person. After she told the stories, she talked about her personal life and we asked questions. She used many storytelling aspects. Some of those were the body language, facial expressions, noises, songs, and many more. I thought it was going to be boring, but I loved it. I hope she comes back.”

She was, quite simply, a friendly, passionate and devoted educator and artist... (+/-)

June Peters - UK 24/11/2008 Jim Conklin International American School - Cancun

“Hi Julieta,

I'll write my feedback via email:

I was really pleased with June for the following reasons:

She adapted to our scheduling problems very professionally.
She had great "discipline" with the students. If kids were talking, she firmly, but lovingly calmed them down, and then continued with the story.
The use of the fiddle and the finger piano was a delight for all of the students.
She managed a broad spectrum of ages very well. The little kids loved her, as did the middle schooler.
She was professional and flexible in every way I may have hoped.
She was, quite simply, a friendly, passionate and devoted educator and artist. We were thrilled to have her.

Thanks a lot, and please forward this to June. She should hear how happy she is making people.”


Andy Wright - New Zealand 20/06/2008 Marcela Logioio Colegio Rio de la Plata - Buenos Aires

"Hola Alberto,

El jueves estuve ahí. FUE ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR!!!! I was SPEECHLESS!!! Al final, yo estaba más exhausta que él y me creí todo!!! Olí los olores del cuento, ví los personajes, me asusté, me reí. LO VIVI como le sucedió a todos mis alumnos. Ese día tuve después clase con 3ro y 5to año y estaban FASCINATED!!!! Y eso que son adolescentes MUY CRITICOS pero no sé si te contó Andy que hubo APLAUSO SOSTENIDO, honesto, del corazón. Aproveché para presentar un poem de Liz Lochhead ese día titulado "Storyteller". imaginate!!! Y en 5to aproveché para lanzar Project de 2da mitad del año que consiste en darles a las chicas de 5to (son 8 en total) los tips básicos para que sean storytellers en primaria. Si tenés alguna suggestion al respecto, serán bienvenidas. (bibliografía, alguien en Argentina a quien recurrir.)

Te cuento que en primaria las teachers se me están quejando de que no lo vieron a Andy. Tienen pensado repetir experiencia el año que viene?

Nuevamente, UN PLACER!!!”

My favorite one is the story about the ghost with the black eye... (+/-)

Megan Hicks - USA 28/05/2008 Student: Miguel A*****s 4º B Escuela Inmaculado Corazón - Miraflores

"Storyteller Megan Hick, from USA came to our school to tell us some incredible stories. My favorite one is the story about the ghost with the black eye. My conclusion is that she wanted us to learn a lesson: to be brave no matter what".

She managed to not only entertain, but to teach us so much about storytelling... (+/-)

Xanthe Gresham - UK 28/10/2007 Val Pohio Colegio Británico - Cartagena

“Hi Alberto

I wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly with Xanthe's visit and that we were totally enthralled with her performances.

I have been at the school for a year and a half and I have never seen the students quiet for more than 5 minutes at a time. For Xanthe, they hung on her every word and thoroughly enjoyed the interactiveness of her performances....even those attending under sufferance!!!

In an incredibly short period of time, she managed to not only entertain, but to teach us so much about storytelling and the magic of handing down traditional tales. She captured and inspired young imaginations and now all my Grade 7s (and I am sure, other classes too) are keen to "put stories into their pockets!"

The school was abuzz about “the storyteller”for the two days and there was not a negative comment offered. My only disappointment is that we did not take full advantage of her many skills. I feel that had we had a teaching workshop with her, we would all have benefited enormously!! Perhaps another time.

Xanthe is a gem and a lovely personality to boot! I hope that wherever my next posting takes me, that that school will have the privilege of seeing her perform.

Many thanks"

We are very happy to tell you that the event was a success... (+/-)

Michael Parent - USA 18/10/2007 Marjorie Rodríguez Cubillo St Clare, San José Costa Rica

“Dear Alberto, Thanks for your help. We are very happy to tell you that the event was a success. Michael performed very professionally and he did a great job. The students and the teachers had fun and were very pleased with his presentations. I will give the e-mail of the Company to a friend that works in another Private School here in Costa Rica. Again I really congratulate Michael for his great job, and thanks to Laurie and you for all your precious help.”

We were thrilled to have Erik at our school... (+/-)

Erik de Waal - South Africa 2006 Mariluz Rodríguez de Salas Centro de Educación y Cultura - Ajusco

"We were thrilled to have Erik at our school. All the teachers were really happy with the experience and of course so were the students. Teachers (and myself) admire Erik´s ability to communicate so wonderfully with the boys, and to adapt the stories according to their ages. We really liked the different voices that Erik makes and the puppets were really cute."

It certainly was a highlight of the year... (+/-)

Multi Story Theatre Company 07/05/2006 Thomas David Rompf Colegio Bolivar - Cali

“Hi Lee,

Thank you and Bill and Gill again, too, for all your effort and fine performances. It certainly was a highlight of the year. I am attaching an article I wrote for our Parent's Bulletin, which might come in handy at some point. I'm pretty certain that we'll do this again next year if you're passing through; the Parent's Association was very pleased with everything, and the reaction has been excellent by the community.”

Bolivar Magazine

Multi Story Theater Company & Dream On Productions

"My kids really enjoyed the Baby Iron Teeth presentation."

"My kids really enjoyed it. The thing they were most impressed by was the actors' ability to play multiple characters. It would be great if we could have this quality of presentation more."

"It was absolutely fabulous! Too bad we can't have more of the same!"

"The quality I think was excellent. I am glad we could do it."

"What a treat it was for us to have attended a good theatre performance. Thank you to all the people who were involved in the logistics. I think it was worth while the effort and the money."

His ideas are wonderful and his energy levels super... (+/-)

Kevin MacKenzie - Canada 2006 Frances Lond-Caulk Greengates - DF

"Everyone at Greengates so enjoyed the storytelling experiences provided by Kevin. I managed to pop into most sessions and they were all exciting and all different. The children (and the teachers) adored the times. His ideas are wonderful and his energy levels super. The teachers workshop however was probably the most fantastic experience for us. We had almost 30 teachers for the 2 hour session and they all got so much out of it."

I thought I was in a concert of music and stories... (+/-)

Helen East & Rick Wilson - UK 2005 10-11 year olds Stella Maris College - Montevideo

"I felt as if I was in the woods."

"I thought I was in a concert of music and stories."

"I thought that I was there recording everything with my little camera."

"I could hear the cry of the baby that was found in the woods. I could also feel the smell of the pine needles."

Las niñas quedaron fascinadas y el balance fue muy positivo... (+/-)

Lenny Alsop - UK 09/04/2005 Monica Perdomo Vega Gimnasio Femenino - Bogotá

“Hola Thomas,

Quiero comentarte que estoy muy satisfecha con la presentación de Lenny. Las niñas quedaron fascinadas y el balance fue muy positivo, ya que esta actividad les brindó la oportunidad de interactuar y reforzar sus conocimientos frente a un native English speaker. La vitalidad y el entusiasmo de Lenny frente al trabajo fue excelente. Felicitaciones.”

The children were 100% engaged in the stories... (+/-)

Graham Langley - UK 2003 Elspeth Cook Cambridge School - Lima

"The children were 100% engaged in the stories. The looks on their faces was enchanting as they participated and listened."

It tells me that with only a hat I can act very well... (+/-)

Onnatti Theatre Group 2001 Tomas O****a, pupil Cardenal Newman School - Buenos Aires

"The actors were very funny and interesting, the costumes were very simple. It tells me that with only a hat I can act very well".