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The logistics involved in international tours require attention to detail. Here are the people who work behind the scenes.
Alberto Alexander - Director

"I really like my job because it has given me the opportunity to work with very genuine and talented people, the Dream On team, the artists we work with and some of the great teachers I have encountered along the way. The opportunity to learn constantly with them and to understand other cultures. To learn that we are all the same despite our differing origins. To learn that one person alone can make a huge difference – sometimes it is enough to meet the Head of a school to be able to predict the attitude of students and teachers there. I also enjoy the challenge of organizing tours in the face of a lot of beaurocracy, and the economic gap between Latin America and the countries artists are coming from. This means that each session or performance acquires it own special character for the school involved and for us."

I'm proud to introduce the members of our team:

Marcela Bedoya - Responsible for Dream On's relationship with specific clients
"I am an enthusiastic member of Dream On team, proud of having walked along the most diverse paths in my life, from graphic design to stage acting, from the fashion industry to English teaching . This job has given me the chance of creating bonds with wonderful people from all over the world! I put all my experience in motion everyday to bring the "storytelling experience" for both teachers and students who consider teaching and learning a unique gift from life."

Sol Alsina - Responsible for Dream On's relationship with specific clients
Sol has been with us since Sept 2007. She is very friendly & personable as well as a very hard worker. Excellent in communicating with the schools. Her confidence, her positivity towards life acts as a morale booster for all of us.
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Laurie Fay - former team member who encouraged us to expand to Asia
"I began working with Dream On in 2007 and became immediately grateful I had landed the job. I've gotten invaluable experience working with the best schools throughout Latin America and fine-tuned my planning skills as well as being able to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances.
After moving back to Portland, OR, I try to stay as involved as possible from 7000 miles away. I now balance a full-time job in Advertising with brainstorming and researching new possibilities for Dream On and dreaming of reuniting again one day with my familia porteña." 
Martin Echenique - Admin Coordinator
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Kiki Ortiz - Responsible for Dream On's relationship with specific clients
photo Kiki
"Once upon a time..." and "In a far away land..." have always had a magical effect on me ever since I was little. For they grew wings in my mind and I was intrigued, inspired and motivated to learn more and more. They sparked my interest in knowing about it all.
My job at Dream On Productions gives me the chance to be part of an incredible team that works hard to bring this kind of learning experience to children and grown-ups around the world. I love it!
Yoli Solari - Tour Manager
"Having lived in Peru, Belgium, England, and now BA, I've learnt that home is where you make it.  I originally came to live in Buenos Aires intending to be a clown, but life has a way of changing our plans, and I currently work as a freelance translator and a tour manager for Dream On.  Being part of the dream team has given me the chance to discover wonderful cities like Bogotá, Medellín and even Buenos Aires from a whole new perspective, whilst sharing experiences with the wonderful storytellers that work with us.  More than anything, I enjoy that magical moment when the children sit in speechless amazement to listen to a good story. "
photo Yoli
Gustavo Juarez - Tour Manager
"Being a Tour Manager for Dream On has given me the opportunity to meet new people and visit countries I would have never imagined visiting. As a professional Spanish/English Interpreter, I find satisfaction in helping bridge the language gap between the communities I work with. Dream On gives me equal satisfaction, not only in that I get to travel and meet great storytellers, but also in the knowledge that I'm contributing to bringing a new world of imagination to children everywhere we go."
Sofi Derosa - Tour Manager
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