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We have 4 options for you!

Before we discuss the options, let's discuss AUDIENCE SIZE.


AUDIENCE SIZE can vary from 15 to 100 students.

The younger the children, the smaller the group size needs to be to allow for responsive storytelling.


SMALL GROUPS (either one or two class groups together).

The smaller the group the more face to face contact. The storyteller gets a close relationship with the children.


LARGE GROUPS (two to four or five class groups together):
The storyteller takes the response of the whole group rather than individuals.


They are just two different kinds of knowledge / storytelling. Students can be motivated both by the personal connection in the smaller setting and the energy of a big group.


Half Day

2 performances or activities

$ 700 per half day

The storyteller may have another school visit, either before or after yours.

Dates: October 31 - Nov 4


Full Day

4 performances or activities

$ 1200 per full day

Dates: October 31 - Nov 4


Double Day Booking

8 performances or activities

$ 990 per day x 2

Dates: October 31 - Nov 4


Exclusive Visit

Minimum of 4 full days.

Minimum $ 990 per day x 4


Make your arrangements early, so we can accommodate the dates you desire!

Prices are NET, in US dollars.

Our prices INCLUDE: Flights, Hotel, transfers.

Our prices neither include "retenciones" nor bank transfer costs.

Payment by International Bank Transfer or Paypal. Transfer costs are the responsibility of the school and are not included in the price.

Prices are net. Check with your administration team about "retenciones." Depending on your school's policies, a 20% tax may need to be added, as we are a foreign company.

In case you want to run your payment via your school accounting office, please contact us to get a formal quote.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our work is satisfaction guaranteed – we won't be happy until you're happy! Our storytellers listen to all your requirements. Our storytelling performances and workshops are 100% guaranteed to help your students become better listeners and stronger communicators.

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