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Funds transfer instructions:


This funds transfer must involve 3 banks:
1. your bank
2. an intermediary / correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
3. our bank: Banco ITAU Uruguay S.A.


Dream On Productions is registered in URUGUAY, Latin America.


Intermediary / Correspondent Bank
JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
City: New York
Swift code: CHASUS33
ABA: 021000021
JP Morgan account number:  2331144697 (optional)


Beneficiary Bank (the receiving bank where Dream On Productions has an account).
Bank: Banco ITAU Uruguay S.A.
Street: Zabala 1463
City: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Swift code: ITAUUYMM


Beneficiary Company
Street: Colonia 981
Apartment number: 305
City: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Account number: 3982952
Account type: current account
Currency: USD


Additional information:
(Company's tax ID number: 218648090014)

To ensure the correct amount reaches Dream On, please follow these essential steps:

  1. Always select the "OUR" option. This step is crucial. If not done, we will receive a lesser amount.

  2. Include an additional $25 with the transfer amount. For example, if the fee is $3000, transfer $3025. Our bank will always deduct $25 upon receiving the funds, even if you have selected the "OUR" option.

Look at these pictures of forms from two different banks. Even though the forms are not exactly the same, they both have a part about fees.

right wrong.png
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