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Barry Stewart Mann

Barry is a professional Atlanta-based Storyteller, Educator, Actor and Writer who has been delighting audiences and inspiring students for more than three decades.  He brings a vibrant honesty and caring playfulness to performances, workshops, residencies and scripts.  A graduate of Harvard  University with an M.F.A. in Theatre from the University of San Diego,  Barry has acted on stages across the country; told tales to thousands in festivals, libraries, schools, camps, and beyond; led classes, workshops and residencies with groups of  all ages and backgrounds.

"I love exploring other cultures and have been fortunate to be able to travel a fair amount in my life to places such as Argentina, Turkey, Scotland and Japan." he said.

"Folk tales, for me, are another way of traveling. They remind us that people around the world lead parallel lives and have similar concerns, no matter how different our cultures."


So, here're 2 cool facts about Barry that you didn't already know:


  • One of his sons wrote a poem about "white privelege" that went viral. CNN article

  • Before becoming a famous storyteller he was probably best known for a TV commercial in which he played a thief trying to steal a car!

Barry's own website, click here

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