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Storytelling for

Consolidating Learning

in school subjects

The storyteller takes over the class for a day! He or she uses storytelling to teach about, discuss or develop a certain topic.
grade 1 - grade 12 ( 6 to 18)
45 minutes
Number of students:
1 class (15 to 25 students)
Topic Examples:
HUMAN migrations; STORIES that inspire your students to demonstrate their knowledge of scientific facts; INSIGHTFUL stories about history’s greatest characters; LANGUAGE foci (vocabulary, grammar, etc), STORIES for fitness, SHAKESPEARE, PRESSURE, POETRY, SPORTS, ENVIRONMENT, etc.
The storyteller can work hand in hand with teachers of many different subjects: English, Science, Social Studies and History, Drama, Music, Gym, Fine Arts, etc, and can also work with the School psychologist.
Price Peru
soles 358 neto (390 bruto) (Some topics are very familiar to storytellers but, to ensure a broad coverage of areas / ideas, there will be some unfamiliar topics and they will have to put in some research time. A research fee of soles 377 neto applies if research time is needed.) Inquire about your topic!
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