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Storytelling for

Consolidating Learning

in school subjects

The storyteller takes over the class for a day! He or she uses storytelling to teach about, discuss or develop a certain topic.
grade 1 - grade 12 ( 6 to 18)
45 minutes
Number of students:
1 class (15 to 25 students)
Topic Examples:
HUMAN migrations; STORIES that inspire your students to demonstrate their knowledge of scientific facts; INSIGHTFUL stories about history’s greatest characters; LANGUAGE foci (vocabulary, grammar, etc), STORIES for fitness, SHAKESPEARE, PRESSURE, POETRY, SPORTS, ENVIRONMENT, etc.
The storyteller can work hand in hand with teachers of many different subjects: English, Science, Social Studies and History, Drama, Music, Gym, Fine Arts, etc, and can also work with the School psychologist.
US 95 / Euro 80 (Some topics are very familiar to storytellers but, to ensure a broad coverage of areas / ideas, there will be some unfamiliar topics and they will have to put in some research time. A research fee of $100 / €85 applies if research time is needed.) Inquire about your topic!
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