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Storytelling Gala

A special event comes to life with a performance or motivational speech delivered to a large audience. STORYTELLING Day, BOOK Day, EARTH Day, END OF YEAR/TERM celebration, CULTURE day, ENGLISH LANGUAGE day, BACK-TO-SCHOOL assembly, FUNDRAISING event, MUN meeting, etc.
6 to 18 years old
up to 45 minutes
Number of students:
from 100 to 500 people or screens. (School must provide the platform for the virtual visit: Zoom, Tencent Meeting, Teams, etc.)
Repertoire of stories:
Stories that fit the theme that you're willing to share at the event.
Gala sessions are tailored to preferred duration, themes, etc. They are tailored to the spirit of the event.
1 USD / 0.85 Euro per student. Minimum number of participants: 100
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