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Karen Golden

Karen’s performance style is both playful and serious as she weaves in and out of animating different characters and sound effects, often mixing in several different musical instruments, including the saxophone, recorder, accordion, ocarina, and even a singing bowl. She can keep the attention of 2-year-olds, grade school kids, teenagers, moms and dads, and senior citizens. Audience members always leave feeling completely entertained and inspired to make the world a better place.

"I am proud of my work as a storyteller and especially proud when audiences tell me they want to learn more about their heritage and that my stories have moved them to action." she said.

"I am passionate about helping others find their storyteller within."


Karen's visit to SSIS (Shanghai Singapore International School 上海新加坡外籍人员子女学校)

WeChat article by SSIS

Karen's visit to Alcanta International College in Guangzhou City

WeChat article by AIC

So, here're 2 cool facts about Karen that you didn't already know:


  • Karen's parents were both doctors. As a child she loved telling stories to their patients in the waiting room.

  • When she is not out and about making story, musical or educational connections, Karen can be found in her garden tending to her many flowers, plants and turtles.

Karen's website, click here

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