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We couldn't be more thrilled with the diversity of our lineup this year.

Alton Chung

USA (Hawaii)

As a native Hawaiian with Japanese and Korean roots, Alton is able to tap into the fire of the Hawaiian legends, and he tells traditional stories from Asia with an inspiring sense of reverence and respect.

Andy Wright


Andy Wright is a fourth generation storyteller, descended from three blind matriarchs; his mother, grand-mother, and great-grandmother. Although he is sighted,from them he acquired ability to truly see the world through our imagination.

Barry Stewart Mann


A rich variety of voices, expressive movement, colorful props, puppets and costume pieces, and opportunities for audience participation abound as Barry draws on his theatrical training and experience to bring stories to life!

Brian "Fox" Ellis


Brian "Fox" Ellis is an author, storyteller, historian, and naturalist. In addition to telling folktales, Fox portrays three different friends of Abraham Lincoln to give his audience a more intimate view of the president who fought to free African Americans from slavery.

Clive PiG


Clive PiG is a storyteller and children's author. He likes nothing better than to take his words off the page and put them on the stage. His storytelling style combines music and song, rhythm and rhyme.

Jamie Oliviero


Jaimie Oliviero is a storyteller, arts-in-education specialist. and peace activist. He draws on an ever-expanding repertoire of world folklore to create an awareness of cultural diversity and environmental responsibility, and an appreciation for the wisdom and power of an ancient tradition.

John Kirk


John Kirk completely brings a story to life using minimal props and costumes, using voice and facial expression to engage children with the story.

Karen Golden


Karen Golden began telling stories at the dinner table at the age of three and playing the saxophone at the age of eight. She tells Jewish and multicultural tales both old and new, many blended with music she plays on her saxophone.

Keith Donnelly


Keith is a storyteller and guitarist. He specialises in highly interactive stories and songs for children, inviting their participation, stretching their imaginations and stimulating creativity, with every tale and tune.

Nell Phoenix


Nell has the skills of both an actress and a storyteller. She has an open and engaging manner, always ready to respond to a gasp or sigh in the audience or to use an audience member as a character or prop in the telling of the tale.

Priscilla Howe


Priscilla’s mouthy hand puppets come along to shows for young children. She tells more sophisticated stories to grownups and older kids. She performs primarily in English, though she has also told stories in French and Bulgarian.

Ursula Holden-Gill


From her stunningly characterised adaptations of traditional folk and fairy tales to her signature streetwise savvy, self-penned originals, Ursula can make you laugh and cry, think, reflect and roar again.

Wangari Grace


A passionate performer, Wangari infuses her stories with song, dance, tongue twisters, and other dramatic skills to create an interaction with her audience. She is much at home with both young and adult gatherings with a performance style grounded in open, interactive, participatory storytelling.

Wendy Shearer


Wendy’s repertoire of stories of tricksters, shapeshifters, ancient Greek heroes, gods and goddesses is drawn mostly from her Afro-Caribbean heritage and her first degree in Classics.


Dream On has a long history of bringing super talented storytellers to schools!​ Over the years, our lineups have also included (in alphabetical order):

  • ​Alim Kamara  - UK / Sierra Leone

  • Allan Hirsch - USA

  • Andy Wright - NZ

  • Anne E Stewart - Australia

  • Anne Glover - Canada

  • Baba - USA

  • Barry Stewart Mann - USA

  • Brian “Fox” Ellis - USA

  • Clive PiG - UK

  • Dave Tonge (*) - UK

  • Diane Ferlatte - USA

  • Donna Washington - USA

  • Elaine & Mauny Muray - USA

  • Erik de Waal - South Africa

  • Graham Langley - UK

  • Helen East & Rick Wilson - UK

  • Inno Sorsy - Ghana

  • Jamie Oliviero - Canada

  • Julie Pasqual - USA

  • June Peters - UK

  • Karen Golden - USA

  • Kate Corkery - Ireland

  • Katrice Horsley - UK

  • Keith Donnelly - UK

  • Kevin MacKenzie - Canada

  • Kevin McMullin - USA

  • Kirk Waller - USA

  • Lenny Alsop - UK

  • Marion Oughton - UK

  • Max Tell - Canada

  • Megan Hicks - USA

  • Michael D. McCarty - USA

  • Michael Parent - USA

  • Multi Story Theatre Company - Bill Buffery and Gill Nathanson - UK

  • Nell Phoenix - UK

  • Paddy Lynn - USA

  • Penny Walter - USA

  • Priscilla Howe - USA

  • Regina Carpenter - USA

  • Rick Huddle - USA

  • Robbi Kumalo - USA

  • Sef Townsend - UK

  • Thomas Freese - USA

  • Tony Wilson - UK

  • Tuup (*) - UK

  • Ursula Holden Gill - UK

  • Usifu Jalloh - Sierra Leone

  • Wendy Shearer - UK

  • Xanthe Gresham - UK


​(*) Their tours were postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.​

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