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Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a great number of schools. Here is a sample of their feedback. Other schools not mentioned here are equally dear to us!

Organiser / Teacher
impressive variety of dramatic facial expressions.
Saigon South International School - Ho Chi Minh City
Facebook posting
Andy Wright
His stories were relevant and poignant. Our school community thoroughly enjoyed the day with Andy.
International Preparatory School, Bicesse, Alcabideche
Robert Taylor
Andy Wright
All the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the training workshops and can’t wait to try out these ideas with their own classes.
Nexus International School, Putrajaya
Sarah Phoenix
Andy Wright
incredible passion
International School Eastern Seaboard: ISE, Bowin Chonburi
ISE Youtube show
Andy Wright
He was spectacular. He was great. The students of all ages loved him...the teachers of all grades thought he was fantastic.
Seoul International School
Jim Gerhard
Usifu Jalloh
There was a perfect amount of humour, song, actions, movement, repetition and variety!
YCIS - Beijing
Maryanne Harper
Priscilla Howe
Andy held his audiences spellbound with his action-packed performances
Pechersk School International Kyiv
Pechersk School International Kyiv's website
Andy Wright
...we are so glad that we agreed to have the presentations and workshops at our school.
The Canadian School of Warsaw
Christine Mamo
Andy Wright
Andy inspired students about different cultures through body language, music and action.
ALKEV Özel Okulları - Istambul
Alkev's website
Andy Wright
Alim ... shared important messages that got to our hearts.
Centro Educativo Tomás Moro (Maguey) - CDMX
Margarita Corte Rios
Alim Kamara
Strong audience participation helped keep the focus of our very youngest members.
Heidelberg International School
Margaret Burch
Andy Wright
Andy completely captivated each audience and turned everyone's week around!
Colegio Base - Madrid
Katie Hill
Andy Wright
He filled the New School airwaves with such raw energy, that our students were laughing, shuddering, gasping and ... joining in.
New School Rome
New Rome School's website
Andy Wright
Wonderful, lovely, interesting and engaging. Her interaction with the kids was captivating.
Caspari Montessori School - Heredia
Pablo Campos Pereira
Priscilla Howe
The sessions with the gifted and talented pupils on storytelling were great and really helped our boys to open up.
The British College of Brazil - São Paulo
Stuart Young
Andy Wright
The stories' themes and content were appropriate for the school's philosophy.
Gimnasio Los Portales - Bogotá
Olga Lucia Fajardo
Brian "Fox" Ellis
I love ... the way the storyteller interacted with the students, I felt it was a two-way experience, not a presentation.
Colegio Menor - Samborondón
Kate Corkery
The children were delighted by the way he created the stories with objects!
Lomas High School - Buenos Aires area
Paola Fantacone
Tony Wilson
The way he linked all the activities and the work on values was amazing.
Colegio Inglés - Montevideo
Alim Kamara
The girls ... had an active participation by acting out story characters and repeating lines from the story.
St Margaret's School - Concón
Claudia Carbone F.
Barry Stewart Mann
A mother of our school wants to thank Karen Golden ... her daughter returned from school delighted and talking about this presentation.
St. George´s School - Lima
Guiliana Biffi
Karen Golden
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