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Storytelling hotspot

Students experience the art of oral storytelling by attending a session or a series of sessions presented by master storytellers from around the world.
K - 12 ( 4 to 18 years old )
45 to 50 minutes (K: 30 min)
Number of students:
1 class (15 to 25 students). A small class size allows for more interaction between students and storytellers.
Both verbal & physical responses are elicited from the audience through: + Call & response + Creating "spaces" throughout the telling in which students can recall or repeat significant phrases. + Asking direct questions which invite prediction and / or give the audience a voice in interpreting the story. +etc
Repertoire of stories:
Themes are age-appropriate and each age range offers a multitide of theme options. Stories often emphasize positive values such as listening, respect and empathy.
Stories, vocabulary, and concepts are developmentally appropriate for each grade level. The storyteller adapts continuously to the audience (s)he is addressing, there is no need to prepare students.
US dollar 75 / Euro 65
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